Rick Donlon grew up in New Orleans and graduated from Texas Christian University in1986. He completed medical school at LSU-New Orleans., and a combined Internal Medicineand Pediatrics residency at the University of Tennessee, Memphis. In 1995 he and three medical school classmates opened a primary-care health center for the poor in Memphis’ most medically underserved neighborhood. The work eventually grew to include eight health centers, three dental clinics, and a family medicine residency program—providing over 150,000 patient visits annually.

Beginning in 2003, many of the medical and dental providers, including Dr. Donlon,
moved into the underserved communities where they work. In those same low-income settings, they’ve planted over a dozen house churches. That house church network has subsequently sent dozens of long-term medical missionaries to North Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Horn of Africa.

Students, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare workers who’ve trained with Dr. Donlon in Memphis have started or joined similar ministries in low-income communities across the US. Dr. Donlon, his wife Laurie, and their seven children live in the Binghampton neighborhood where he serves as an elder in the house church network

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