Welcome to the CMDA Memphis website!

The CMDA in Memphis has a threefold commitment:
  • To make God’s name, fame, and glory great among the nations and advance God’s kingdom throughout the ends of the earth.
  • To reach and equip students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to be lifetime disciple makers and use their skills and training for God’s purposes and kingdom.
  • To encourage and mobilize medical & dental professionals to serve the Lord both locally and throughout the world.
Check out our website and to discover all the offerings and opportunities to grow and serve with CMDA in Memphis.

Ken Nippert
Memphis Area Director

"Come and See..." - Full Interview

A pediatric dentist, Dr. J.B. Selecman discusses a few highlights from his past experiences on nearly a dozen global mission trips. He also enthusiastically explains the opportunities and the eternal impacts other physicians can have when they invest in the CMDA.
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