Our Vision is to change the hearts of tens of thousands of doctors who will make God’s name, fame, and glory great and advance God’s kingdom by:
  • Leading people to Christ.
  • Raising up the next generation of Christian doctors.
  • Serving the poor and underserved both locally and around the world.
  • Putting God first by intentionally living out their faith in their lives and practice.
  • Speaking out on bioethical and healthcare issues with biblical principles and authority to the church and society.
Transformation, service, equipping and voice are at the heart of the mission of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. We exist to motivate, educate, and equip Christian physicians and dentists to glorify God by:
  • Living out the character of Christ in their homes, practices, communities and around the world
  • Pursuing professional competence and Christ-like compassion in their daily work
  • Influencing their families, colleagues, and patients toward a right relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Advancing Biblical principles in bioethics and health to the Church and society
Core Values

As members of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, we strive to live out our core values by our commitment to be:
  • Christ-like
  • Controlled by the Holy Spirit
  • Committed to Scripture
  • Communing in Prayer
  • Compassionate
  • Competent
  • Courageous
  • Culturally Relevant

Statement of Faith:

While each member of CMDA Memphis holds fast to additional beliefs important to our relationship with God, the following statement of faith outlines the tenets that provide a foundation for our fellowship and participation in the Christian Medical & Dental Associations:

I believe: In the divine inspiration and final authority of the Bible as the Word of God; In the eternal God revealed in Holy Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit; In the unique Deity of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, whose death and resurrection provide by grace through faith the only means of my salvation; In the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Physician's Oath

With the Christian Physician’s Oath, members of CMDA Memphis express their commitment to practice medicine for the glory of God.

With gratitude to God, faith in Christ Jesus, and dependence on the Holy Spirit, I publicly profess my intent to practice medicine for the glory of God.

With humility, I will seek to increase my skills. I will respect those who teach me and who broaden my knowledge. In turn, I will freely impart my knowledge and wisdom to others.

With God's help, I will love those who come to me for healing and comfort. I will honor and care for each patient as a person made in the image of God, putting aside selfish interests, remaining pure and chaste at all times. With God's guidance, I will endeavor to be a good steward of my skills and of society's resources. I will convey God's love in my relationships with family, friends, and community. I will aspire to reflect God's mercy in caring for the lonely, the poor, the suffering, and the dying.

With God’s direction, I will respect the sanctity of human life. I will care for all my patients, rejecting those interventions that either intentionally destroy or actively end human life, including the unborn, the weak and vulnerable, and the terminally ill.

With God's grace, I will live according to this profession.

Christian Medical and Dental Associations - Changing Hearts in Healthcare